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About Us !!

Stemcon is a startup company & which was established in 2016, with the sole idea to provide world-class quality work to its customers irrespective of the size of the project.

In 2016 after graduating from engineering, the founder of the stemcon started working in the private sector and they observed that even though the construction field is the 2nd largest job provider it is the most unorganized sector and in India, that’s when they decided to start the project management consultancy.

Stemcon is a company that works on very important ethics which are client satisfaction, cost-effectiveness to clients, and delivery of projects on or before time.

Stemcon provides all this by availing you with the data about agencies that are available for a particular task and helping you to finalize the agency for work that is best to your requirement.

Being a project management company Stemcon make sure that the coordination of all the agency is in a most appropriate manner so that the project can be completed before or on time. Stemcon also provides technical support to various small and large scale civil projects to ensure hurdle-free operation of projects and achieve high standards of safety.

So overall planning, scheduling, quality control, tendering & quotation assistance, safety assessment, technical support, and management of the project are the key features of the Stemcon

What is PMC ?

PMC, A Project Management Consultant, is a highly skilled individual with specialized skills and knowledge to assist builders and companies to complete their vision. They typically provide oversight and leadership in executing projects from planning to completion.

Daily tasks can include managing budgets, resources, and relationships to achieve the best quality of construction, as well as planning to develop, and to execute schedules to ensure the timely completion of projects with quality.

Project management professionals often define and monitor each team member’s role and function and coordinate all team activities throughout the lifecycle of a project. Identifying and managing project risks and developing solutions are additional duties.

During the execution of a project, Project management professionals constantly analyzes activities. Providing a roadmap and periodic recommendations to senior management are common functions of the role as is the creation and implementation of mitigation and contingency plans.

Other tasks required of a pm consultant can include: facilitating meetings, material purchase assistance, daily reporting, building a positive relationships with clients, vendors, and management tracking documentation and data collection, creating presentations, and conducting follow-up studies on projects.

As you can see, with the traditional approach agencies are not being managed by any professional hence there is no proper functioning of the agencies. In most cases because of traditional approaches, customers face Unorganized workflow, No quality assurance, Delayed activities, No progress tracking, No financial forecasting, and Wastage of material & money.

Construction is such a complex process that needs to be managed by professionals. Our experience and deep expertise in the areas of Project Management & Designing will help you to solve the above problems which will result in Overall quality Improvement, Increased ROI, Proper resources management & Timely completion of the project.